Horst Hollmann in NWZ online
(…) Jürgen R. Weber solves the huge problem of Hercules being a hybrid between Opera and Oratorio in an astonishing way. On the main stage of the Staatstheater Oldenburg this was celebrated extensively.
Weber (…) mixes up tragic entanglements, crazy ideas, parody, comic strip, satire, irony and sincerity in a way, that often creates an enormous emotional depth. (…) Nobody can evade this undertow. (…)

_MG_4063_bearbeitet_klein© 2014 Karen Stuke

Wolfgang  Denker im Weserkurier
(…) Jürgen R. Weber, with his waggish sense of humour, didn’t take the myth of Hercules too seriously. His version of the 3 hour piece is a mere 2 hours long and he created a successful mix of antique tragedy, dramatic opera and entertaining Music-hall variety show. (…)
Weber managed the trick of holding the balance between fun and seriousness, to spare gags while conveying real emotions and so not to subvert the expression of the music. (…)

_MG_3905_bearbeitet_klein© 2014 Karen Stuke

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