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Horst Hollmann in NWZ online
(…) Jürgen R. Weber solves the huge problem of Hercules being a hybrid between Opera and Oratorio in an astonishing way. On the main stage of the Staatstheater Oldenburg this was celebrated extensively.
Weber (…) mixes up tragic entanglements, crazy ideas, parody, comic strip, satire, irony and sincerity in a way, that often creates an enormous emotional depth. (…) Nobody can evade this undertow. (…)

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Wolfgang  Denker im Weserkurier
(…) Jürgen R. Weber, with his waggish sense of humour, didn’t take the myth of Hercules too seriously. His version of the 3 hour piece is a mere 2 hours long and he created a successful mix of antique tragedy, dramatic opera and entertaining Music-hall variety show. (…)
Weber managed the trick of holding the balance between fun and seriousness, to spare gags while conveying real emotions and so not to subvert the expression of the music. (…)

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Dejeneiras Death Part One

Hagar Sharvit in a rehearsal at the Staatstheater Oldenburg. It’s the Death-scene of Dejeneira in Handels HERCULES. Jörg Halubek is conducting, Anorthe Eckert is playing the piano. Kerstin, Marina and Julia as Furies. Staged by Jürgen R. Weber.


O fatal error of misguided love!

O cruel Nessus, how art thou reveng’d!

Wretched I am! By me Alcides dies!

These impious hands have sent my injur’d lord

Untimely to the shades! Let me be mad!

Chain me, ye Furies, to your iron beds,

And lash my guilty ghost with whips of scorpions!

See, see, they come! Alecto with her snakes,

Megaera fell, and black Tisiphone!

See the dreadful sisters rise,

Their baneful presence taints the skies!

See the snaky whips they bear!

What yellings rend my tortur’d ear!


Was für ein bekloppter Irrtum ausgehend von krankhaft emotionaler Fixierung!

Dieser dösbaddelige Zentaur! Wie oberfies hat er sich gerächt!

Was für ein Mist! Ich hab Herkules unter die Erde gebracht!

Diese Patschehände haben meinen Knuddelbären viel zu früh um die Ecke gebracht!

Ich dreh jetzt komplett durch!

Lasst die Furien mich durch den Fleischwolf drehen!

Da kommen sie wie auf Stichwort!

Mit all ihren S/M Utensilien…